Let Me In Please

Hey fellas! Are you back to see some more exxxtrasmall action? Cause today you are going to have a look at this blonde babe and at how she is gonna have an incredible exxxtra small fucking session between this gorgeous blonde and this guy with his massive cock! You have the chance to see right now how this chick is exploring him, is seducing him and she pleases him and finally she is gonna hammer this dude until exhaustion! Would you like to see this hot babe in action? Let’s take a peek at this blowjob, too!

This nasty chick met this guy when she wanted to rent a house! As soon as she saw this big house she knew that if she was gonna go upstairs she will not only gonna give him an amazing blowjob, as Elizabeth did to her lover, but she will also gonna please that massive cock with her small pussy! So as she got upstairs she did her job and hammered this guy until he came and filled her tiny pussy hole! You should take a look at this very amazing scene as this babe is gonna move her ass just like a black chick! Enjoy!


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ExxxtraSmall – Fit Inside Me

Hi there! Are you into some more exxxtrasmall updates? Today we have prepared something special to you! How about an exxxtra small interracial sex session? Cause these babes can’t refuse a hard and fat black cock! This nasty babe had a surprise visit from her new moved over neighbor, a black guy and his very fat dick! He came over to meet this stunning babe with small natural tits and he has seen it before and all he wanted was to introduce himself! As he came at her door she invited him in for a talk!

This got so fired up while these two guys talked as this babe saw that giant cock standing straight up from this guy’s pants and she was so eager to have a look at it and to spoil it a little bit! So they ended up on her enormous bed, she was lying on her back while he has with his fat dick in his hands getting ready for the tight penetration that was about to follow! He tough that licking a little bit that tiny pussy won’t do no harm and in this way he lubed the area a little bit and it was more slippy! So in the end he shoved that fat cock into this babe’s small peach and started very slowly at the beginning and in the end he wanted to cum into her ass! So he lubed her ass and filled it with his hot cum! Enjoy this whole sex scene fellas! Bye!


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ExxxtraSmall – Chloe Foster

Hi there! What have you been doing lately? Did you enjoyed last week’s update? Good! We have something else for you today! Are you ready for some exxxtrasmall pussy handling? Today, Chloe is gonna join us and she wants to show to us how you can reach a very intense and deep orgasm in the same position Katarina tryed!  So, gentleman take some notes! This nasty babe is gonna do al these things only once and she is gonna give some directions to this hot stud!

These two guys met in a bar and as soon as this stud saw this blonde beauty with her firm and natural tits he though it was about time he would touch a fine and tight pussy! So he bought her a drink and then they headed to her place! This naughty chick laid on the white leather couch and waited for him to cum over and shove his giant cock into her tight cunt! Are you curious enough to watch how this scene ended? You just have to join our community and you will have access to much more! Until then, enjoy this amazing update! Bye!


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Birthday Surprise

Wow! Have you ever seen anything like it? It is more than huge, it is enormous! Of course we are talking about this guy’s enormous cock! As this babe had her anniversary today her friends though of doing a different present for her! So they searched on the exxxtra small site for a guy with an enormous cock and rented him for a while ! This guy came over with them and as soon as the party was over she had the chance to try it! Let’s take a peek at what happened in the after party session!

This hot chick was all alone with this guy and when she found out what her present consisted in she ran over to this guy’s pants to grab that fat tool and shove it into her mouth! She wanted to get it prepared for all the stretching that was about to follow! She barely had the time to blowjob this guy for a little while as a lot of jizz came out from this guy’s cock just like from a fountain and this babe got her herself a good and warm cum shover! Have a look at the entire scene and enjoy!


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ExxxtraSmall – 18yo Getting Fucked Hard

You’re back guys? Good! Cause this hot babe had a dream every single night! Her longtime fantasy was following her all around in her dreams and so she decided to turn it into reality here at ExxxtraSmall videos! She was so lucky one day as she has met a black guy with a very large dick! This horny babe invited him to her place and asked him to make her dream come true! So he did! This guy couldn’t say no to another tight pussy waiting to be all pounded! Let’s have a look at how he handled the situation!

These two headed up to her place and as soon as they got upstairs into her room she laid on the bed waiting for him to penetrate her cunt! All that this nasty babe wanted was to get her tiny pussy all stretched out by this guy’s monster cock! So this guy was the only one that had the chance to penetrate her so deeply that his cock her made her feel a deep and intense orgasm as she had never had! Check out now this crazy update and you have the chance to have a look at this babe as she is being hardly hammered! Check out this video, too!


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ExxxtraSmall – Dakota and Adriana

Hello! Too much routine in your life? Are you sick of all this monotony in your life? The team here at exxxtrasmall has prepared something special for you today! We have brought to you not one but two babes , a hot blondie and a nasty brunette that are gonna take turns in humping this guy’s fat cock! You will have the chance to take part in this awesome threesome! This tattooed guy was the lucky bastard that is going to take them both in the very same time! But how did these guys ended in this crazy exxxtra small threesome sex session?

Dakota and Adriana know each other since highschool and since then they are best friends! As the brunette babe picked up this hot stud with his enormous cock, he challenged them to a threesome! Said and donw! Cause these three headed to his place and there on the white leather while he was fucking the brunette, the blonde was being pleased orally by the brunette’s tongue! You should have a look at this hot scene! Enjoy it! See you soon with much more updates!


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ExxxtraSmall – Cum Sprayed

Welcome back! Are you ready for some other exxxtrasmall amazing update? These two met a party as she was looking for a bathroom and she entered in the room where he was getting a blowjob from a chick that he didn’t know! As this babe saw what that babe was doing she got so angry and asked her to leave and while she was getting closer to him she whispered to him that she was going to show him how a real blowjob feels like! Let’s take a peek at what happened next! Natasha is also hungry so let’s see her too!

As this babe came closer , he was lying on the bed and she fell in her knees taking his hard balls into her mouth while jerking off that hard tool! Then her hand passed and massaged those nuts while her tongue and her mouth were pleasing this guy’s fat dick! So this babe began softly with some kisses and licking that dick and then she passed to sucking and slurping, also deepthroating it! She kept going on faster and faster up until this guy released his warm cum on her face, on her boobies and into her mouth! All she had to do now was to swallow it! Check out now this babe as she had a cum shower! Enjoy!


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ExxxtraSmall – Cum Inside Me

Hi there studs! We were waiting for you with this hot new ExxxtraSmall update! Have a look around! This nasty babe had a long relationship that ended very bad a few months ago and since then she didn’t had any sexual relationship until this hot guy came up into her life! When they decided to get laid all that this fine teen wanted was to get her tight exxxtra small pussy hardly hammered and to get his creamy and sticky cum inside her body! Let’s see what are these two up to!

As soon as this babe got to his place she took her clothes off getting her pussy ready for the penetration that was about to follow! So she lied there on his white couch and she was rubbing her pussy when he came over with his hard dick and penetrated that tight cunt! This guy kept going up until he fulfilled her deepest wish: to get some cum into her pussy! You should definitely have a look at this amazing update, it’s totally worth it! Enjoy it fellas!


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Hot Teen Cindy Cruz

Welcome aboard! We are thrilled to present to you today this beautiful brunette babe! Her name is Cindy and she is going to have a hard fuck, as you can only see it here at exxxtrasmall ! Guys, you should take some time to check her out as she has got some firm natural boobs that are waiting to be squeezed here at exxxtra small and some long and sexy legs that are waiting to be touched and a very eager pussy waiting to be all creamed out! So let’s have a look at what is this babe up to in today’s update!

When this babe decided to go the this private swimming pool this morning she had no idea that she is gonna have her tight peach roughly pounded! This chick never thought that she is gonna have sex in public but when this hot guy came over and asked her to suck his large tool she couldn’t say no! Likewise when she asked him to fit her small pussy hole with his cock he didn’t say no to her, cause he was going to expend it to the limits! Have a look at this entire sex scene and enjoy it!


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Exxxtrasmall – Chloe Foster

Hello! Did you have enough time to enjoy our last week’s updates? Stay tunned cause we back with some more funky and fresh exxxtrasmall babes! Are you eager to find out what are we going to see today? Well, we will have to chance to watch this hot babe in exxxtra small action as she was picked up from a coffee shop by a hot looking stud that was so eager to stuff his long tool into some tiny and tight pussy! How about seeing this nasty chick in action? Let’s have a look!

When this naughty babe went to work this morning she had no idea what was going to happen! As the lunch break was getting closer this guy came in and invited her to his place for more than a coffee! Too much time has passed since the last time she had some fun so she accepted! As soon as they got in his room, she took her clothes off and asked him to shove that enormous cock into her tiny peach hole! So he did that continuously up until he filled that pussy hole with loads of creamy cum! Enjoy!


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